Star Points

Camisa Bishop

Grand Adah

Adeline Ward No. 197

Brittany Williams

Grand Ruth

Charlotte No. 147

Yvette Collier

Grand Esther

Evening Star No. 228

Danielle Fitchett-Mann

Grand Martha

Dorcas Bethany-Bessie Ellison No. 50

Larena Rascoe-Anderson

Grand Electa

Adeline Ward No. 197


Garland Jones

Grand Trustee Chairperson

Mary C. Stewart No. 128

Kalomo Imo

Grand Trustee (N)

Nansemond No. 31

Vernon Mitchell

Grand Trustee (S)

Elizabeth S. Spurlock No. 236

Youth Coordinators

Adrianne Moore

Grand State Youth Coordinator

Star of Hope No. 164

Mildred Cowart

Asst. Grand State Youth Coordinator

Adeline Ward No. 197

Grand Flag Bearers

Valerie Vaughan

Grand Christian Flag Bearer

Adah No. 20

Collette J. Wilson

Grand U.S. Flag Bearer

Margaret Francis No. 101

Gloria Cole

Grand OES Flag Bearer

Excelsior No.82

Mitchell Williams

Grand Sentinel

Blooming Light No. 111

Daedre Holland-Dabney

Grand CCFC

Holland No. 162

Cynthia Hodges

Grand Marshal

Venus No. 42

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